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Osgood-Schlatter Disease

What is Osgood Schlatter Disease?   Osgood-Schlatter Disease is also known as apophysitis of the tibial tuberosity. It is a knee condition commonly seen in teenagers who are very active. The child will generally complain of pain and maybe swelling over the tibial tuberosity, which the bone where the Quadriceps tendon attaches, when or after…

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Growing pains – This is not what you think it is

Here is something I am sure you did not know. Every month we see at the surgery youngs athletes (between 8 and 17 years old) complaining of hip, knee and ankle pain.  I know what you are thinking about : GROWING PAINS!  Well no, most probably it has nothing to do with growing pains. Growing…

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Massage therapy – Effect on DOMS

A recent research showed that massage therapy was the most effective technique to get rid of DOMS (the muscle ache you feel after doing too much exercise) and muscle fatigue. Have you booked your next session with Kayleigh yet???   Full text ref:

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Degenerative meniscal injury: This is why your surgeon will not operate

I have had two very similar patients coming to see me last months complaining of knee pain.  Both patients were “of a certain age” and developed knee pain after twisting the knee wrongly.   Both patients struggled to walk, taking stairs was a nightmare and sleeping with both knees against each other impossible. Their painful knee…

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Strength training in runners

Another very interesting research to confirm, if it still needs to be, the importance of strength training (ST) for runners. These articles confirmed that ST, including heavy resistance, plyometric and explosive training, will make middle and long-distance run quicker. But you will need to be committed.  The authors recommend t 2 to 3 sessions for…

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Why it is so important

Here is a fantastic article about incontinence that I suggest everybody should read and you will understand why physios like Lyndsey are so important!! It is shocking how difficult living with this condition is.  Nobody should accept incontinence as “normal”. Physiotherapy will help and seeing by a physio as early as possible  will increase your…

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