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Massage Therapy

Swedish massage, friction, deep tissue release, acupressure or trigger point techniques to relax soft tissues and help tissue healing.

Sports massage before or after a race to improve performance.

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilisation and manipulation restoring joint movement.


To protect, prevent or facilitate muscle and joint movement.


Ultrasound therapy to stimulate the body to heal a specific area and decrease pain.

TENS to ease the pain

Electrostimulation to help muscle strengthening.


Using either Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture or Dry Needling in order to reduce pain and increase muscle and joint range of movements and function.

Injection Therapy

Injecting corticosteroids into specific joint or muscles will help healing.

Exercise Prescription

For home or at the gym.

Specific and personal exercise programme to help you get better quickly and help you reduce the risk to get injured again.

SimpleSet System

The SimpleSet system allows me to email you a tailored exercise programme.

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