So I have been thinking about writing this for a while… I feel that I need to tell my story because I have accepted stress incontinence as “normal” for many many years. I actually thought it was funny! Adverts on the TV for pads made me think that it was just something that happened to women my age (40’s) and I could buy products to deal with the issue…no problem! WRONG!

Benji was treating me for another ongoing issue I had. One day I had a hospital appointment and I needed to have a full bladder for the appointment. Benji offered me a Physio appointment that would have been just before my hospital appointment and I point blank refused the appointment and joked that it wouldn’t be possible as he would make me laugh and I would wet myself.

He insisted that this was not normal. Now, I’m a reflector and had a fair bit on my mind that week so didn’t really think about it. But the next time I was in for Physio, I started asking him questions about Lyndsey. I said I would think about it, still not fully admitting to myself that I had a problem.

However in December, I was walking through the airport with a work colleague. He made me laugh, I had a full bladder and I wet myself, I had to go to the loo and get changed. I was mortified and devastated! I decided that day that I was going to do something about it.

I am not going to lie, I did not find it easy at all and poor Benji pretty much had to council me for about a month running up to my first appointment with Lyndsey. I was texting him asking all sorts of questions, I was very very anxious, but he answered my questions and calmed my fears a bit. I just had to get to that first appointment.

I think I was one of Lyndsey’s first patients at Benji Physio. She put me at ease straight away, she went through my whole medical history and there were things that I hadn’t thought about that were connected to my issue. During my first appointment she gave me some exercises to do…it was funny…she was explaining how to do them so I was trying them out while she was chatting to me, she did say “you are doing it now aren’t you?” I absolutely was.

She diagnosed me with stress incontinence and a bit of urge incontinence as well. I went home armed with an exercise programme for my pelvic floor muscles and the determination that I was going to sort this out!

I was still a bit worried about my next appointment though. I was gradually getting better but was still very anxious as she had to examine me properly and check my muscles, I really wasn’t that keen on this and kept cancelling. But eventually I went back, and I’m so very glad I did! My fears were totally unfounded, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Lyndsey checked me over and explained every single thing she was doing so I felt comfortable. She increased my exercises and home I went feeling pretty proud of myself for going through with the appointment.

The difference Lyndsey has made to my life is phenomenal! I was on holiday a week after the 2nd appointment. Normally on holiday, I would have big issues, alcohol made my problem so much worse to the point that I didn’t really drink when I was away from home. I would also normally end up getting dehydrated when I was out and about during the day as I would be so scared I would sneeze or laugh and wet myself.

But this holiday was different, I was totally fine! Even on the plane, sitting is my worst position to be in but no leaks at all! And ladies, sorry if this is a bit too much info but before my issue was sorted out I was always a bit sore from wearing pads constantly, this has resolved completely. Also I hadn’t been able to wear tampons comfortably for months, but now since everything is tightening up I can! It’s unbelievable!

I really can’t stress enough that if you are suffering from this issue, please, please get help. Lyndsey is absolutely superb, she explains it all very well and is very understanding. I have only needed 3 appointments to change my life so much and now when I see these “ooops moment” adverts on the telly, I get so angry as these companies are making women think that these issues are a normal part of being a woman, when they really are not and can often be fixed very easily.