Dear Benji

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for getting me back to full fitness.  As you know a number of years ago I suffered from a serious pro-lapsed disc but through great advice and care from you I was able to make a full recovery without having to resort to surgery.

It was a great worry to me when around 3 months ago I had a relapse and came to see you in pretty bad shape. And as we discussed I really got myself into this condition over the last couple of years doing very little exercise and way too much time sitting in front pf a pc with bad posture.

Your encouraging words and skilful massaging in the first couple of weeks were of great comfort and helped relieve the pain.  And as I am a guy approaching “ bus pass “ age your motivational skills have encouraged me back into the gym regularly, I do my exercises each day and am now feeling fitter than I have done for years.  Being a golfer when my back “ went “ this on latest occasion  I was concerned I may struggle to play properly in the future.  However by following your excellent and clear exercise regime I reckon by next season I’ll be playing better than ever.

I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending your phyio skills and services to anyone I happen to come across who is struggling with fitness or suffering from either back or joint pain.

Thanks a million

Peter Craigon