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Lyndsey could not have been more helpful and informative

Having always been active up to and during my pregnancy I was just as keen to return to the gym, specifically resistance work, when I was able to after giving birth to my girls which I was lucky to do within a few months. However as their first birthday approached I became aware that my body was not quite where it needed to be if I wanted to continue to improve my strength so having done some research I contacted Benji Physio for help. Lyndsey could not have been more helpful and informative. She was able to reassure and provide guidance in a sensitive and empathetic way – even when it came to the more “sensitive” questions. Equally she was able to tailor my rehabilitation to enable me to reach my goals safely and realistically- something I was struggling with! I would 100% recommend her and I would return in the future if needed. Julie Thompson

Clear diagnosis, treatment routine and exercise programme

Massive thanks to Benji for his patience, treatment and knowledge when helping me over the past few months to cure a back and hamstring problem. He gave a clear diagnosis, treatment routine and exercise programme including a wee trip to the gym. He said it would take time – and it did. Enjoyed the banter as well. Thanks Benji

Craig MacLagan

Top notch physio

After struggling with neck pain for months I visited Benji and within minutes he knew my posture was hindering recovery. I have kept up his exercise routine and have had no further issues for the last year or so. Top notch physio.

Grant Sheridan


Affordable, professional and effective

After suffering a sore back, visited Benji and after 3 or 4 occasions and the exercises given cured the problem. I would highly recommend as he is affordable, professional and effective.
Thank you Benji.

Gail Adamson

Definitely worth visiting

Having suffered increasing hip and thigh pain in the past year, I decided to give Benji Physio a try as he is based where I train.

Within two thirty minute sessions, based around stretching, he had me pain free. And I have seen a large difference in my ability to train properly again. Definitely worth visiting. Thanks Benji.

To all those suffering: Trust in Benji Physio!

“Just wanted to say if anyone is suffering from pain in their back and not sure if Benji Physio can help?

Do not delay going to see them! After suffering damage to my lower back at work and then spending 4 weeks hobbling about, I found them by chance and after an initial assessment with Lindsay (who was great) I began a course of treatment with Benji, and after identifying the underlying problem he was able to get to work on my back and through a programme of exercises I quickly returned to full health.

I have been back to work for over a month now and still thoroughly enjoy doing the exercises each morning which have become part of my daily fitness work out. Again a big thanks to both Lindsay and Benji for putting me back together, and to all those suffering trust in Benji Physio! ” Alan Burns

Benji is amazing

“Benji is amazing, really listens to you and gets to the bottom of what is happening and gets it fixed for you. 4 sessions and my back is better 🙂 so happy.” via Facebook

Lyndsey changed my life

So I have been thinking about writing this for a while… I feel that I need to tell my story because I have accepted stress incontinence as “normal” for many many years. I actually thought it was funny! Adverts on the TV for pads made me think that it was just something that happened to women my age (40’s) and I could buy products to deal with the issue…no problem! WRONG!

Benji was treating me for another ongoing issue I had. One day I had a hospital appointment and I needed to have a full bladder for the appointment. Benji offered me a Physio appointment that would have been just before my hospital appointment and I point blank refused the appointment and joked that it wouldn’t be possible as he would make me laugh and I would wet myself.

He insisted that this was not normal. Now, I’m a reflector and had a fair bit on my mind that week so didn’t really think about it. But the next time I was in for Physio, I started asking him questions about Lyndsey. I said I would think about it, still not fully admitting to myself that I had a problem.

However in December, I was walking through the airport with a work colleague. He made me laugh, I had a full bladder and I wet myself, I had to go to the loo and get changed. I was mortified and devastated! I decided that day that I was going to do something about it.

I am not going to lie, I did not find it easy at all and poor Benji pretty much had to council me for about a month running up to my first appointment with Lyndsey. I was texting him asking all sorts of questions, I was very very anxious, but he answered my questions and calmed my fears a bit. I just had to get to that first appointment.

I think I was one of Lyndsey’s first patients at Benji Physio. She put me at ease straight away, she went through my whole medical history and there were things that I hadn’t thought about that were connected to my issue. During my first appointment she gave me some exercises to do…it was funny…she was explaining how to do them so I was trying them out while she was chatting to me, she did say “you are doing it now aren’t you?” I absolutely was.

She diagnosed me with stress incontinence and a bit of urge incontinence as well. I went home armed with an exercise programme for my pelvic floor muscles and the determination that I was going to sort this out!

I was still a bit worried about my next appointment though. I was gradually getting better but was still very anxious as she had to examine me properly and check my muscles, I really wasn’t that keen on this and kept cancelling. But eventually I went back, and I’m so very glad I did! My fears were totally unfounded, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Lyndsey checked me over and explained every single thing she was doing so I felt comfortable. She increased my exercises and home I went feeling pretty proud of myself for going through with the appointment.

The difference Lyndsey has made to my life is phenomenal! I was on holiday a week after the 2nd appointment. Normally on holiday, I would have big issues, alcohol made my problem so much worse to the point that I didn’t really drink when I was away from home. I would also normally end up getting dehydrated when I was out and about during the day as I would be so scared I would sneeze or laugh and wet myself.

But this holiday was different, I was totally fine! Even on the plane, sitting is my worst position to be in but no leaks at all! And ladies, sorry if this is a bit too much info but before my issue was sorted out I was always a bit sore from wearing pads constantly, this has resolved completely. Also I hadn’t been able to wear tampons comfortably for months, but now since everything is tightening up I can! It’s unbelievable!

I really can’t stress enough that if you are suffering from this issue, please, please get help. Lyndsey is absolutely superb, she explains it all very well and is very understanding. I have only needed 3 appointments to change my life so much and now when I see these “ooops moment” adverts on the telly, I get so angry as these companies are making women think that these issues are a normal part of being a woman, when they really are not and can often be fixed very easily.

Can’t recommend this crazy French-man enough!

Benji is a real character who outshines all other physio’s I have previously seen. I came to Benji after a slipped disc in my back from weightlifting and wanted to do all I could to get it fixed as quick as possible. After a few regular sessions I noticed a massive difference and am now back to regular weight training, slowly working towards where I was before the injury. Benji knows his stuff inside and out. Can’t recommend this crazy French-man enough.
Professional. Effective. Affordable.

A very talented physiotherapist

After suffering an accident on holiday last summer I was directed to Benji at the Dunfermline clinic for assessment by my healthcare provider. After consultation and a referral to a surgeon I was diagnosed with a ruptured LCL and major tear of the PCL both in my right knee. Benji quickly started pre operation treatment to maintain movement and muscle, then after my reconstruction surgery began the long road to recovery. I can honestly say that without his expertise, encouragement and variety of exercises and conditioning techniques I would never have been able to return to work. Nearly 9 months to the day, I was back and I can’t thank him enough.

A very professional, highly motivated and above all else, a very talented physiotherapist.

Thanks for all your work getting me back fighting fit again.

No hesitation in recommending Benji’s physio skills and services to anyone

Dear Benji

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for getting me back to full fitness.  As you know a number of years ago I suffered from a serious pro-lapsed disc but through great advice and care from you I was able to make a full recovery without having to resort to surgery.

It was a great worry to me when around 3 months ago I had a relapse and came to see you in pretty bad shape. And as we discussed I really got myself into this condition over the last couple of years doing very little exercise and way too much time sitting in front pf a pc with bad posture.

Your encouraging words and skilful massaging in the first couple of weeks were of great comfort and helped relieve the pain.  And as I am a guy approaching “ bus pass “ age your motivational skills have encouraged me back into the gym regularly, I do my exercises each day and am now feeling fitter than I have done for years.  Being a golfer when my back “ went “ this on latest occasion  I was concerned I may struggle to play properly in the future.  However by following your excellent and clear exercise regime I reckon by next season I’ll be playing better than ever.

I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending your phyio skills and services to anyone I happen to come across who is struggling with fitness or suffering from either back or joint pain.

Thanks a million

Peter Craigon

I’m now much more confident about my abilities

I was very down about my back problem when I was initially referred to physio but soon found out that it could be resolved with hard work. Although it took a few weeks I’m now much more confident about my abilities.

Happy to recommend Benji to anyone

I would be very happy to recommend Benji to anyone. I have felt comfortable with my treatment at all times and reassured that my injury was making progress to recovery.

Professional and Helpful

Benji helped me recover from tendinitis in my shoulder and provided me with exercises to do at home. He was always professional and helpful and listened.

Well done and thank you Benji!

Benji is great at his job, he made me feel comfortable from the first time I walked into his room and confident in his ability. He’s honest, friendly and has magic healing hands. It only took 5 sessions to fix my problem and he has given me lots of tips for the future too. His practise is very clean and modern and easily accessible. Would recommend him to anyone. Well done and thank you Benji!