How We Help

Available treatments

To get you better, our physiotherapists and massage therapists will choose treatments and techniques from our 'physio toolbox'.


But no single technique will fix you on its own. The bespoke recovery programme we'll put together for you will most likely be a combination of different treatments. 


At Benji Physio, we believe that our skill to choose the right techniques for the right condition and the right person is what makes our physiotherapy clinic so successful.


This is why all our physios are encouraged to keep learning and go on as many courses as possible. The bigger our physio toolbox is, the more knowledge you get and the more you benefit from our help.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a very important part of physiotherapy. It maybe does not do as much as people think it does, but it clearly helps to relax, reduces pain and helps you move more easily. 

We are trained in many different techniques such as Swedish massage, trigger points release, fascial release, acupressure and many more to help you feel better.

Our massage therapist will also check, if you need to see a physiotherapist or if massage is all you need to relax and feel tight.

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilisations and manipulations are what you expect from a hands-on physiotherapy. Manual therapy will help you increase the range of movement in stiff joints which in return will help your ability to move and reduce your pain.

Manual therapy is extremely effective after injuring a joint, after an operation and for any neck and back injuries.


Taping can both be used to help you move and reduce movement.

We will often use K-tape (Kinesiology Tape) to offload a painful joint or muscle and help you to it move without pain.

This will accelerate your rehabilitation and allow us to start the exercises you need as soon as possible.

Stronger tape will be used to stabilise a joint and reduce its movement. This is very useful in the sports setting when you need to return to competition as quickly as possible.


Electrotherapy is the word used for all kinds of machines physiotherapists use to help you.

Ultrasound therapy, for example, is used to stimulate the body to heal faster in a specific area and decrease your pain. It used to be overused in the past and nowadays a lot of NHS clinics got rid of them.

But ultrasound therapy has its place in physiotherapy treatment. It helps reduce bruising and swelling in and around muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also works extremely well for acute bursitis.

Another electrotherapy is TENS, which is used to ease pain. When applied, it affects the nerves and calms the pain signals. It's very effective for patient with back, neck and shoulder pain.

Last but not least, electrostimulation is used to help muscle strengthening. Patches are applied on the muscles you want to work on and a small machine helps you contract them. We tend to use this technique for patients who struggle to use their muscles after an operation.


Yes, it works! Acupuncture is a great tool to help decrease the pain and generally make you feel better.

We will use acupuncture for acute and chronic pain as well as patients with chronic neurological conditions.

Why acupuncture works is not clear yet. But we know that it has an inflammatory effect in the area you insert the needles which will accelerate healing in that area.

We also know that acupuncture has an effect on your nerve pathways and reduces the pain felt in a joint, muscle or the pain caused by a trapped nerve.

The most interesting fact is that acupuncture has an effect on the brain. Many studies have shown that when a needle is placed in a specific point in the body, it has an effect in a unique area in the brain. 

We do know that acupuncture works and it's ideal to give your relief from pain and stress and makes you feel more energetic.

Injection Therapy

Cortisone injections are used to help reduce pain and accelerate healing. However, it's not, like a lot people think, a last resort technique. 

In fact, we believe it's the opposite. For some conditions, getting an injection is the first step towards recovery. 

An injection well done will be almost pain-free and, most of the time, the worst thing you risk is that it does not work (which does not happen at Benji Physio because you will be properly assessed first and we will know if an injection will work or not 😊).

Exercise Prescription

You cannot imagine physiotherapy without exercises. It would simply not work.

Exercises are the most important part of your rehab. Without them, you could not go back to where you want to be.

To work, exercises need to be adapted to your ability and your goals. This is why you will get an individualised exercise plan tailored to your needs, not the same printed sheet everyone gets for the same condition.

We will also monitor your progress and adapt this programme throughout your treatment.

Our surgery, situated in the Duloch Sports Centre, allows us to use their gym facilities. We can therefore offer one-to-one rehab sessions and design personal gym and home workouts. You will not be left not knowing what to do!

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