Benji Online - Web Based Physiotherapy

Know what's going on, quickly, from your phone, safely from home

At times, going to the physio is not possible.  You could be stuck at work, at home or unable to move due to a new injury.  This is when online physiotherapy comes in.

Physiotherapy online assessments are a lot more straight forward than you think, you only need a phone or a webcam and we will do the rest.



Listen to Benji discuss how and for who online physiotherapy can help.

  • Explain

    You will explain to us your symptoms and limitations in the same way as you would do in a surgery setting. Our assessments last one hour and this means we will have plenty of time to listen to you and make sure we target the source of your pain properly.

  • Show

    You will show us the site of the injury and show us how you manage to move.  It is very easy for us to see if you are not moving properly.  We ave bags of experience and we have seen most properly dozens of patients with the same problem as yours. We will also run a series of specific physio tests targetting your injury and symptoms. 

  • Diagnose

    Our years of experience will help us to determine what your pain and symptoms are caused by. We will explain to you what’s going on and why you are in pain and how you can make it better.

  • Treat

    We will give you all the tools to help you self-manage your pain and symptoms.   We will make sure you understand your pain, give you the right ergonomic advice and give you a comprehensive set of exercises which will improve your mobility, increase your muscle strength and ultimately decrease your pain.  Further appointments will be organised if needed to touch base and help your progress towards recovery.

  • How to book

    Watch this short video from Benji on how to book your online physiotherapy session.

"Benji is proud to be part of the Physios Online Group which is a collective of highly experienced and specialist physiotherapists who offer online services."

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