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When in pain or suffering from an injury, exercises are just one part of the solution. At Benji Physio, your physiotherapy clinic in Fife, we add more to the mix. Many years of expertise in hands-on therapy, massage, acupuncture, taping and exercise prescription will help form a clear treatment plan for your recovery. Let’s find the best one for you!

Coronavirus Statement

Covid-19 Statement 

We are open!

Although we are not back to "business as usual",  we are able to see you again.

We are following the government and our professional bodies guidelines and we have put the following procedure in place.

Step 1 - Free 10 minutes chat 

Our professional guidelines are very clear. Every patient must be assessed by telephone or online consultation before a face-to-face (F2F) appointment at the clinic can be considered.

We have decided to offer a FREE 10 min video chat to patients who wish to be treated.  During those 10 minutes, you will be able to explain your problem and from this, we will discuss which option is best for your problem.

That assessment is only for screening purposes and no diagnosis/advice or treatment will be offered.

Step 2 - Online and F2F appointments

The guidance now allows us to see certain patients face to face but only where a video consultation is not sufficient.

We therefore have to try to make remote assessment and treatment work first and it is only where it is not appropriate that we can move to a face to face consultation.

This is the professional decision of your therapist. If, in their professional opinion, remote treatment is not appropriate, the therapist will then undertake a risk assessment to see whether a face to face consultation is appropriate.

We will not be able to treat you in the event that you or a member of your household, or anyone you have been in contact with, is experiencing symptoms or suspected symptoms of COVID-19.

We are grateful for your cooperation and patience at this time and appreciate that it is frustrating that we cannot provide exactly the same service as before.

We have found, however, that the online service works much better than we had initially imagined so please don’t feel that we are not available to help.

We have increased our rates ever so slightly to cover for the extra times required between patients and the cost of extra personal protective equipment.  Please find our new rates on our rates page. 

Find out more about our Covid 19 Policy here > 

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Have you got shoulder pain, a stiff neck or tension headaches? 

At Benji Physio firstly we will check where your pain really comes from.  A thorough assessment will allow us to work out which area is the actual root of the problem.

Most neck pain is caused by a bad lift, a wrong movement (such as a whiplash) or a postural issue. 

Depending on the cause of the pain, we will use massage, acupuncture, mobilisations and the right exercises and ergonomics advice to decrease the pain and increase your neck mobility.

How to fix neck pain?

  • Get the right diagnosis

  • Understand your pain

  • Hands-on treatment if required

  • Work on your exercises

  • Improve your posture


Lower Back and Hip

From sciatica to long-term pain, Benji Physio can make your hip and/or back pain is a thing of the past.
Lower back pain is most often caused by a wrong movement (a bad lift) or a trauma. Back pain can also be caused by disuse, wear and tear or arthritis.

Although very debilitating at times, most back problems can be resolved with good physiotherapy.Is it my back? Is it my hip?It can be very difficult to know at times if the pain comes from the back or the hip (or both).  Both can give you pain in the lower back, the buttock, the side of hip or down the leg. 

How to improve my back or hip pain?

  • Get the right diagnosis

  • Understand your back better

  • Hands-on if required

  • Regain control of your core and mobility

Sports Injury Recovery

Suffering from an injury? Benji Physio will put the right recovery programme together for you.

A sports injury is the generic name given to all injuries that happen during physical activity (from running to gardening).

It can affect a joint, a muscle, tendon or ligaments or all of these at same time.

It can be caused by a sudden trauma (twisted ankle, hamstrings tear) or a repetitive injury (tendinopathy or tennis elbow).

You should always start with a period of 72H of rest whilst applying the PRICE (Protect, rest, Ice, Compress, Elevation) protocol and then do not delay your chance of quick recovery, start doing the right exercises.

How do you treat a Sports injury?

  • Understand the mechanism of the injury

  • Decrease the pain

  • Return to moving as soon as possible

  • Establish a rehab programme to regain strength quickly

  • Follow a prophylactic exercises to prevent the injury to occur again

Women's Health

Pregnancy & pelvic floor issues can lead to pain & incontinence. We'll help you get better.

Post-op Rehabilitation

To help you recover quickly after an operation, we will make sure you get the right care.

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Hands-on physiotherapy that gets results

Our physiotherapy clinic in Dunfermline, Fife, is located in the Duloch Leisure Centre, with free parking & full access to the centre’s gym. We are open 6 days a week & offer late appointments on weekdays. If you can't travel to the centre, we offer home visits as well. 

With our help, you will get better from day one:

1. Assessment

First, we’ll listen & learn everything about your pain or injury.

2. Diagnosis

The assessment & our experience will help us find the cause of your pain.

3. Treatment

Based on our diagnosis, we establish your bespoke treatment.